Company - InTime Technologies Fast Facts :


   Founded   2000
   Business    Applications / Product development and IT Consulting
345 Plainfield Ave. Suite# 102
Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: (516) 515-3536
   Global Presence    USA, Canada and India
   Development Centers     Hyderabad, India
   Employees Globally    100+
   Largest Markets    USA & Canada
   Quality Processes    ISO 9001:2001 & CMM Level 5
   Focus Domain      Financial Services
   Service offerings

   IT Apps Development / BPO

    Custom Software Development
    Migration / Integration / Testing
    Portal Development
   Product Development
    Healthcare Services
    Back Office operations

    Enterprise IT Consulting


   Contract Management Services

    Recruitment Management
    Vendor Management
    Co-Employment Management

   Building Blocks     Visionary Leadership
    Customer Centricity
    Total-Cost Advantage
    Service & Technology Practice Groups
    Commitment to Quality & Excellence
    Strong Skill Pool & Resource Management Practices


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