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Our Infrastructure and Locations

InTime Technologies Inc has state of the art development centers in USA and India. These facilities are designed to enhance productivity and create a vibrant environment for the organization. Each of these development centers is well equipped with latest technologies for enterprise-wide communication and networking, productivity, collaborative software engineering, and distributed project management.

All development facilities are governed by centrally administered polices. These polices are benchmarked globally for physical and network security, data and project segregation and protection and business continuity planning.

State-of-the-art, plug and play infrastructure including servers, desktops, and T2 lines bandwidth
Developer dedicated, password secured PCs. Two factor authentication systems for critical project members
VPN for client connectivity infrastructure
Independent power supply and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems
Independent air conditioning systems
Back up generators

  Data Continuity Facilities
ISO procedures for backup including daily, weekly, monthly full and incremental backups
Backup stored in fire-proof location or in the service provider's storage area
With dedicated link between India development centers and the customer locations, FTP servers can be setup at customer location for critical data backup at prescribed frequency
Hot back-up can also be arranged with data centers of customer's choice

  IP Protection
Photo ID access smart cards with access tracking
Thorough employee back ground checks
Restricted and monitored usage of digital data capture and storage devices like camera enabled mobile phones and USB drives
Restricted data replication after complete scrutiny and approval
Each ODC/Project area is physically and logically insulated as per customer specifications
Escorted visitor management system
Two-factor authentication systems
Asset identification, classification and control

  Technology measures for security control
Automatic Anti-virus updates on each node connected to the network
Anti-spamming utilities
Scheduled Internet Access
Intrusion Detection Systems
Network monitoring and content filtering systems
Transaction logs and audit trails

  Intranet portal with documentation on security
Policies and Procedures
InTime Technologies Inc quality department frequently performs surprise audits to ensure compliance of all security guidelines. We are in the process of adopting CMMI Level 5 and BS 7799 standards.


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