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Having the right IT Company working for you provides the opportunity to focus on your business needs. Our focus saves on your valuable time and reduces the cost of development and which achieved through our State-of-the-art infrastructure and highly experienced employees. Customers choose InTime Technologies for the following reasons:

State-of-the-art development facilities in USA and India
Exceptionally Talented Resources for Broad Range of Skills Set
Extremely Competitive Rates
Industry Leading Partnership & Focus ATG, BEA, IBM, Microsoft & Siebel
Continuous Skill building and Training Programs
Help building People Management and Soft skills
Human Resource & Organization Development Department is providing continuous Development Support to the consulting team members
High Retention Rate:
  • Providing Future Development Path
  • Ongoing training and development
  • Very competitive salary package
  • Employee Recognition System
Client Focus
InTime Technologies is committed to long term business relationships and a deep understanding of our clients and their needs
We look to build significant insight into their objectives, issues, corporate culture and the business environment in which they operate
Our goal is to develop teams that will create sustained competitive advantage for our clients' business

Full spectrum of service offerings
Enterprise Apps Development & Maintenance (Onsite or Offsite or Offshore)
Enterprise IT Consulting
IT Outsourcing / BPO (Offsite or Offshore)
Contract Staff Management

We guarantee our service
We work hard to ensure our services are matched to your specific needs
We use a comprehensive screening system to get the best talent on board

We set Standards
We listen to our clients and candidates to ensure solutions to your immediate and long-term interests
Our emphasis is on quality not quantity

Highly scalable resources
Over 300 professionals globally
Global sourcing capabilities
Quick ramp up/down resources

State-of-the-art infrastructure in USA and India
Own building in Hyderabad - over 10,000 square feet
Ergonomically designed conducive work environment
Modern facilities and infrastructure Conference Hall
Technical Competence across multiple platforms and technologies

Successful track record
Delivering tangible cost savings to clients
Accelerating ROI
Meeting stringent time-to-market requirements
Delivering significant quality improvements in all engagements

Service Excellence
We are friendly, professional team
We offer flexibility, honesty, commitment and personal service

Candidate Care
At InTime Technologies, we are committed to working closely with our candidates to understand their career aspirations and personal goals
We focus on giving objective advice on how they can achieve their career and life desires
Our commitment to developing valuable relationships means we deliver unparalleled services to clients and candidates alike

Continuity of service
Our most valuable assets are the high caliber and low turnover of our staff
We value the development of long term business partnerships with our clients and candidates

Client�s confidential information
Confidentiality agreements in place for all the work we do
Transfer of all intellectual property rights to the customer
General liabilities of the parties
Any other additional documents required, on as need basis


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