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Services - Contract Services Mgmt- Recruitment Management

With this model, your company can outsource the tasks of recruitment, administration, and management of temporary and contract employees. Acting as the sole coordinating supplier, we can provide onsite administration and management to facilitate the hiring of temporary contract employees.

We can manage all of your current third party vendors, plus seamlessly integrate our network of 2000+ approved staffing vendors. You will receive one invoice from InTime Technologies Inc and we will free your company from handling the entire complex accounting tasks that are associated with recruitment.

We administer all time sheet submissions, required work guarantees, insurance verification, and quality controls. InTime Technologies Inc is designed to ensure our clients receive a true competitive edge by reducing costs, improving quality, and enhancing overall contract fulfillment. InTime Technologies Inc clients are getting benefited with hourly cost reduction of 35-50% using our system over internally managed contracts.


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