Dedicated Center :

InTime Technologies Inc’ Offshore Dedicated Development Center Services ( ODC)

ODC Partnership Model aims at creating relationships with customers who seek long-term services. Boosting the scale of your IT development, ODC establishment will save you up to 50% of IT spending by cutting down employment costs, contract and project execution.

ODC is a dedicated, customized, and secure Software Engineering Center that follows client's practices, methodologies and culture. It is an extension of your organization in India leveraging vast resources of technically qualified and trained IT resources and established infrastructure available at competitive price. InTime Technologies Inc’s ODC services help you to avoid concerns about incorporation procedure, or legal fees, payroll, legal compliance, long-term office leases, security etc, but full control over intellectual property generated without enormous investments. ODC means that you pay only for what you use - IT infrastructure, scalable technology resources, office administration, and no redundant expenses.

Our customers manage ODC as their own IT department with internal development schedules and deliverables, thus minimizing possible business risks.

What are the advantages of ODC?
Currently a great number of international corporations are establishing their on-site software development centers in India for the unique value proposition it offers - leverage India's abundance of highly qualified IT resources available at a competitive cost. However, to set up your own Development center you would need to make long-term investments and deal with challenging issues of launching business in another country with different laws and regulations. InTime Technologies Inc offers you better solution - immediate benefits of ODC without any long-term commitments or large investments.

Why ODC with InTime Technologies Inc?
Focus on Core IT Competencies - Save on Cost of Appl. Development
Avoid Long-term Investments
Lower Business Risks
Best Practices
Quick Return on Investment
Full Operational Control
Dedicated Development Team
Established IT Infrastructure
Access to the Best Talents in India
Flexible Pricing
Improved Product Release Time

Different type of ODC service can be delivered based on agreement:
Dedicated team that is allocated to work only on assigned project/client account;
Joint venture ODC which funded by both partners to share risks and have result tracking perrformance;
Build - Operate - Transfer ODC. InTime Technologies Inc Systems builds an ODC, set up and launch till certain point infrastructure, staffing and dedicated development center for a pre-arranged fee. The result is then transferred to the client at a predefined price.


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