Delivery Models :

InTime Technologies Offsite outsourcing delivery models are designed to suit varying comfort levels and scenarios. Whether outsourcing is part of your strategy for cost reduction, improving operations and/or restructuring, the services we offer will provide ROI, risk mitigation, and strategic alignment.

Onsite Delivery Model
Offsite Delivery Model
Hybrid Delivery Model

Onsite Delivery Model

The Onsite delivery model entails that skilled InTime Technologies professionals are deployed on the client's premises. This delivery model is viable only if fluidity is required in a project, if there is need for a specific resource type or if post-deployment support is imperative. From initial consultation to maintenance and support, our representatives are highly qualified and combine excellent business acumen and strong inter-personal skills.

Offsite Delivery Model

The Offsite delivery model entails that all project development, from initial study to testing, is done on InTime Technologies premises. This particular model works well in scenarios where the project goals are well defined and deviation from the same is unlikely. Management and communication during the course of the project is the responsibility of our program managers - the internal clients, who work with tried and tested methodologies to ensure that delivery is as per schedule. The Offsite dedicated project team, works within predefined processes, thereby making this model the most cost effective.

Hybrid Delivery Model

InTime Technologies has developed a focused client engagement practice that aims at nurturing a long-term relationship with their clients. This practice is designed to address a client’s immediate and long-term technological goals. In a relationship model, if required Dahl deputes an Onsite Coordinator (Resident Manager, Analyst, and Architect) who is stationed on the Client premises on a long-term basis thereby ensuring that the client’s changing business objectives and subsequently required technological re-adjustments and new requirements are addressed on a continual basis. The Onsite Coordinator acts as the liaison person between the Client and the Offsite technical team.

InTime Technologies Client engagement practice incorporates a hybrid Onsite-Offsite global delivery model focused at maximizing our client’s cost savings without compromising on product quality and delivery timelines/schedules. Hybrid delivery model combines Onsite and Offsite services to deliver results at highly reduced costs. Typically the "System analysis & Design” stage of the project is carried out Onsite at client's office. The "Develop' and "Testing " stages are carried out Offsite at our ODC. Some of the benefits of this model include 24-hour work cycles; availability of resource with a myriad of skill sets facilitates a quick turn-around in building teams on an adhoc on-need basis. Our proficiency and precision in delivering high standard software to our client extends the following benefits:

Cost benefit
Our Onsite/Offsite model helps ensure up to 50% savings in operational cost to our clients.

Faster Time to Market
Available plug-n-play infrastructure and a ready pool of talented technical resources enables our clients to have access to large teams within a short period of time thereby hastening the process of their software launches without an iota of compromise on quality.

Focus on core competencies
Our specialized application migration services ensure that our clients can focus their corporate energies on their inherent core competencies. The level of confidence that we are able to generate in our clients is owed to our well-entrenched quality processes and industry relevant frameworks and methodologies.

Risk Mitigation/Management

Our delivery model, processes and methodologies have over the past 15 years of operations matured to a level, whereby the risk elements in an Onsite/Offsite model with respect to changing client requirements of performance, relevance, etc are all automatically dealt with through our change management processes.


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